Cypress Virtual

A more Traditional Approach to Online Therapy

Dr. Katie Schubert started Cypress Wellness as a traditional in-person private practice in Florida that specialized in the LGBTQ community and sex therapy. As her private practice grew, it was clear that an online platform for clients was the next step, which resulted in the launch of  Cypress Virtual, where a team of therapists could serve clients in multiple locations. 

Bringing both clients and mental health professionals to this online platform has enabled us to reduce the price of therapy. In addition, it has allowed us to be able to reach people in all corners of the country, even when they are concerned about the stigma associated with therapy. We can also better reach clients who live in more remote areas. 

Cypress Virtual follows a more traditional approach to therapy. All talk is done through live video sessions. Our clients are able to leave online notes for their therapist for review, but with an emphasis on live sessions, we are able to give better service to client in their time of need.

Featured Therapists

Katie Schubert

Dr. Katie Schubert is a Board Certified Sex Therapist in the state of Florida. She specializes in sex and gender therapy. She is a registered yoga teacher and often incorporates yoga philosophy, mindfulness training, and meditation into therapy sessions. Katie periodically writes a column for the Tampa Bay Times and has been on several newscasts discussing topics relating to relationships and mental health 

Steph Ostrow

Steph's approach is person centered & solution focused. Steph is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher with training in body centered counseling and somatic practices. Steph specializes in LGBTQPIA affirming care and HIV+ related issues. Though LGBTQPIA affirming care is their area of expertise, anyone who feels Steph is a good fit to be their counselor is welcome!